Data Security and Its Importance in Internet World
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Data security is very essential for business organizations, especially for the government organization. Recent Hack on Central Bank of Bangladesh made them to pay 81 million USD as fine for their outdated data security.

Going Forward Federal Reserve issued by the Central bank of Bangladesh. This kind of things only happens when data security is breached. So even home computer users need proper data security methods.

Because Intruders can get information about clients, banks details, payment details which will cause worst scenarios from your home computers.

Data which was lost in the fire accidents or other physical damage won’t show high impact compare to the data retrieved by the intruders from your security systems.

Data security or Data protection is very crucial for financial institutions. The business entities that deal with money especially Casinos which deals with online casino games needs to update their data security measures every time.

Even Money Service business entities like Western Union, Money gram has to implement best and updated their data security measures.
The online money transfer organizations like PayPal, Skrill and Netteller are very concern about their data security as they are the most targeted programs by the intruders to breach their data security.
Recently I have seen one site which is providing online pokies appears to have good data security measures.

Best ways to Implement Data Security Measures

Once you come up with your action plan to control your risks, you have to implement the data security measures in action. The best security measure against the misuse of data or theft of data which are involved with a combination of technical measures and physical security should be educated by your team. You should set some rules for data and policies to access that data. You should monitor the access of the data by various persons at various levels.

  • Implement some monitor systems to have a look at the access of the data.
  • Clearly enforce a restriction on usage of data and internet.
  • Always use backup power resources along with a protected power supply.
  • Implement Intrusion detection technology to fight back with the hacking.
  • Use software’s to retrace the details of the hacker to take legal actions if required.
  • Ensure your antivirus are up to date.
  • Make some computers which are associated with high secured information out of public view.
  • Make sure you have password protection with the strong password for the sensitive data.

Efficient data security will have the ‘number of steps which takes much time to implement and good in data security. I am sure you will agree that actually losing this important data could be much worse.

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