How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone
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Some one has stolen your mobile phone or you left some where in internet cafe or in a cab, then you have to find your android phone back.
Because in the current world mobile is not just for texting or for calling, it became everything with different apps and features with the entry of android.
If you lost your android phone it feel so upset as you also lost your personal diary, photos and other important memories.

So i want you to say better be careful with your loving things. If you lost a normal phone its hard to find/Track your phone back but if it is a smart phone with android operating system then no need to worry as you can get back you phone with tracking apps available in market.

Prey to Track Your Stolen Android Phone



Download and install Prey App so you can track your android phone from on any device with web browser.
You will be asking for username and email id and password but I sincerely recommend you to not enter your email id.
Now you got account in Prey, so if you lost your phone then you can enter into Prey Project Site to log in and trace you android phone.

      Features of Prey Application

  1. It takes Pictures of the person/place by using its camera.
  2. Provides Location using GPS and Wi-fi.
  3. locks your Device as others cant Go with your data in Android Phone.
  4. It’s used to Trigger Loud Alarm even if your phone is in silence Mode.

Wheres My Droid To Track Your Phone


     Use Wheres My Droid To Track Your Phone

Download Wheres My Droid and install the app, this is a free app which is extremely designed to trace your android phone.

Now suddenly you have misplaced your phone somewhere and forgot and your phone is in silent mode then you can text a custom attention code to activate you phone ring louder to help you to trace your phone.
If your phone is around you and you can’t hear the ring then you can get GPS location if have Enabled GPS mode in this app.


Features of Wheres My Droid Application

  1. You will receive a notification when SIM is changed.
  2. can find your mobile with the louder ring.
  3. can find your Phone with GPS location.
  4. Password protection is available.
  5. Camera Control Feature is available.



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